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Address: Church Street, Nassington, PE8 6QG.

What if you are unhappy about something?

Our complaints procedure:

The staff at Nassington are committed to ensuring that the highest standards are maintained at the school both in the education of pupils and in every other aspect of running the school. The school has policies for all aspects of school life. These are available from the school office. If you are unhappy or uncertain about something always let us know.

Step 1

TALK to the class teacher or with another member of staff. Hopefully this will resolve the situation.

Step 2

If you feel that the matter has not been resolved, request that it is referred to the Headteacher. An appointment will be made to discuss the matter further. The Headteacher will fully investigate the matter.

Step 3

If, after discussion you still feel dissatisfied, it may be appropriate to express your concerns in writing. You will receive a written response within 10 days of receipt of your letter and informed of your right to have the matter referred to the Governors.

Step 4

If it is necessary to refer the matter to the Governors, formal complaints procedures will be followed.

You can read our full complaints policy on the Policies page.

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